Royal Grass® Verano

In 2023 Royal Grass® will proud to introduce our latest new Product Royal Grass Verano after This New Products is based on the same ReaDY technology.

Royal Grass® Verano is the little brother of Lush. Verano blade height of 35mm, these fibers are slightly shorter than those of Royal Grass® Lush . This makes Royal Grass® Verano the ideal type of artificial grass for a lawn that looks like it has been mowed only a few days ago.

Looking closely at a natural grass lawn, you will see not every blade of grass is standing in the same direction. Each blade is trying to find its own way up. With ReaDY® technology, Royal Grass has succeeded in mimicking this distinctive characteristic of natural grass. Now artificial turf has a realistic look like it never before because each artificial grass fiber has its own direction. ReaDY® technology makes artificial turf look wild and natural.

Thanks to the addition of some blades of grass with yellow-brownish tops, the artificial turf also has a soft, Indian summer color. Every fiber has its own growth direction thanks to ReaDY®, having Sun-kissed Artificial Grass, SunTEC gives our blades of artificial grass a sun-kissed look. Of course, not all blades look brown or arid, just the occasional blade per clump of grass to give your lawn a natural summer look. Natural grass is never perfect, making SunTEC the best choice for a realistic summer garden lawn.

Key Features

  • Very soft
  • Children and pets love it
  • Fitted with supporting mossy wire
  • Extremely suitable as a playing surface for children

Royal Grass® Verano

Why Choose Royal Grass®

As an authorised distributor and having been approved by Royal Grass®, we are professionals with the right expertise and know-how.

We strongly believe in high standards for quality, sustainability and pleasure.

Royal Grass® offers 15-year product warranty.

The Royal Grass® brand stands for high quality artificial grass with a natural appearance.

But having the best grass fibres is just one thing.

A well-prepared foundation and professional installation are both equally as important when it comes to the durability of your artificial lawn.

For this reason, we only work with experienced Royal Grass® installers.

All Royal Grass® products & developments are patented so no other artificial grass company can offer the same natural look with V-shape fibre and MiNT technology!

15 Years Warranty

Royal Grass® offer a 15-year Product warranty.

You are invited to registering your Royal Grass® product through the registration form, you will receive a warranty certificate from Royal Grass.

One advantage of this is that they can help you faster if you have questions or comments about your product in the future.

Circular Artificial Grass

Recycling artificial grass? Yes! That’s right! Indeed, artificial grass that is not recycled often ends up in the ever-growing plastic waste mountain or is illegally dumped abroad. Royal Grass® sees it as a big social responsibility not to make that plastic waste mountain even bigger.

Authorised Distributor

We advise you to buy artificial grass at an authorised Royal Grass® distributor for the following reasons.

This is the only way we can assure you that you will get Royal Grass® in your garden and not another inferior fake grass product.

Royal Grass® comes with an 15 year UV-warranty. Authorised Distributors keep a track record of the artificial grass sold and installed.

Continuous Innovation

Royal Grass® always endeavours to improve its products.

Our mission to create the best natural-looking and sustainable artificial grass. we continuously striving to improve our grass and research possibilities for better performance and more natural looks.

We are proud to announce break-through developments which counteract the shiny side effect of synthetic materials. Mother nature itself provided us with this wisdom.

Royal Grass After 15 Years in Ireland

This is Royal Grass® Silk-35 which we installed in 2008.

It has had medium traffic over the years and no maintenance carried out.