About Royal Putting Greens

Royal Putting Greens
Our Promise and Values

Royal Putting Greens management and our experienced, independent installation teams have many years of professional experience in customer service and installations. Our commitment is to offer our customers safe and high quality European-manufactured products which do not contain heavy metals, toxins and are guaranteed by the manufacturers for 15 years product guarantee and 15 years of UV discolouration.

We can provide a free of charge house call service to discuss the customer requirements, advise on site preparation, show you the products, explain the differences between products, recommend the most suitable type of product and provide the customer with the basic knowledge on quality differences of artificial grass and artificial golf green products in general.

Our History and Background

The founder of the business, Jacques van ‘t Hart, originally from the Netherlands, started this enterprise in 2002 with Intogarden, a high quality provider of mature gardens, amongst one of the services.

In 2006, Jacques was introduced to the Dutch Royal Grass brand who wanted to develop and market there artificial grass products in Ireland & the UK. But not just any product would do, you need a USP; well the unique selling point (or angle) came in the form of the natural V-shape grass blades.

These natural V-shape grass blades not only looked like but act like real grass it ensured the blades stay upright during intensive treading, thus keeping the artificial grass beautiful for longer. Success with this product and the installation service allowed the growth into a new market.

The golf sport and the desire to have a golf green in combination with or without a Royal Grass lawn at home or your office facilities for your staff and clients to practice on.

Royal Putting Greens can offer you European-manufactured high quality micro curled polyamide (Nylon) or polyethylene putting greens which have the correct yarn height and number of stitches per square metre which should achieve within reason, provide you the various Stimp ratings.

Stimp Ratings

The stimp rating is a numerical value of a putting green which tells you how fast the golf ball rolls on the putting surface. Also known as the green speed.

The average stimp rating fo Irish inland golf courses is 9 to 10, and could reach 10 to 12 on link courses.

Royal Putting Greens can offer you nylon and polyethylene European-manufactured putting/chipping greens to closely match the above mentioned stimp rating. However, the stimp reading is dependent on maintenance of the greens, environmental conditions, etc.