Artificial Lawns

Royal Grass Artificial Lawns

One of the main advantages of artificial grass lawns is that they require significantly less maintenance compared to natural grass, giving homeowners more time to enjoy their gardens and outdoor spaces, freeing up their weekends and spending more time Relaxing, Playing, and Entertaining in their gardens.

Additionally, Royal Grass artificial grass is durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic and remains green and lush throughout the year.

Why Use Our Services and Royal Grass Products

We want to Transform your outdoor space into a vibrant oasis of greenery and leisure with our Royal Grass artificial grass lawns – where low maintenance meets high satisfaction, allowing you to indulge in the beauty of your garden worry-free!

Overall, artificial grass lawns provide a practical solution for homeowners who want a beautiful and functional outdoor space without the extensive upkeep associated with natural grass lawns.

We take pride in offering only the highest quality Artificial Grass, ensuring that you receive superior product with the durability and satisfaction you expect. Say goodbye to inferior products and embrace the best for a truly exceptional experience.

Royal Grass® Silk-25

Royal Grass® Silk-25 is made up of two colours – summer green and olive green. This can best be compared to grass in late summer. Not the bright green of fresh new blades, but grass that is well-maintained and properly fertilised. Artificial grass is always green in winter. That’s attractive but it also means that it’s more noticeable in winter.

Royal Grass® Silk-35

The summer green colour is attractive and the light brown synthetic thatch gives it an additional natural aura. Royal Grass® Silk-35 is our bestseller. This colour appeals to the largest number of people. Through the combination of fresh green and olive-coloured blades of grass, the colour is bright but not too conspicuous.

Royal Grass® Wave

Royal Grass® Wave is the little brother of Royal Grass® Sense. Wave has a beautiful and soft quality. Very suitable for kids and animals. It looks and feels incredibly realistic. Every fibre of grass curls in its own way and behaves independently of the other fibres making your lawn look airy and playful.artificial grass is soft, and it dries quickly.

Royal Grass® Sense

Sense is beautiful, soft and lifelike artificial grass. Every blade curls in its own way so you won’t notice this isn’t natural grass. Anyone who sees this product doesn’t believe their eyes, it looks so natural, artificial grass you will find it hard to believe.

Royal Grass® Lush

A luxurious high fibre density and natural growth direction with ReaDY® technology. Lush feels soft and looks great with an Indian summer colour. Lush has slightly more fibres per square meter so your artificial lawn looks fuller and more luxurious.