Non-Infill Multi-Sport Grass

Non-Infill Multi-Sport Grass

Our non-infill multi-sport surfaces deliver a natural ball behavior and comfort to players. Millions of different filaments per square meter, including a curled knit-de-knit fibre at the bottom of the carpet, deliver the stability, support and comfort usually offered by the infill. The non-infill artificial grass sport/recreational pitches have three times as many fibers per square meter as pitches / courts that use infill. The carpet is installed on an EPP under-layer which delivers the shock absorption. A glass fibre support yarn in the backing ensures that the carpet can handle the dimensional tension.

For bowls (bowling) our Fast Play surface is an ideal and economically attractive bowling surface which makes it suitable for retirement homes, hotels and recreational areas.

Key Advantages and Benefits

Some of the Key Advantages of Our Multi-Sport Artificial Grass Surfaces

Durability: Our Short-pile artificial grass is engineered to withstand heavy use and foot traffic, making it highly durable even with frequent sporting activities.

Versatility: Our surfaces can cater to various sports such as Soccer, GAA, Lacrosse, and more. They provide consistent playing characteristics across different sports.

All-Weather Use: Our multi-sport artificial grass surfaces are designed to drain water quickly, allowing for play even during rainy conditions (60 litres a minute per m2). They also remain usable during dry and hot weather without the need for extensive maintenance.

Reduced Injuries: Artificial grass surfaces offer better shock absorption, reducing the risk of injuries to athletes during sports activities.

Low Maintenance: Compared to natural grass, our multi-sport artificial grass requires less maintenance, eliminating the need for regular watering, mowing, and pesticide treatments.

Longevity: Properly installed and maintained multi-sport artificial grass has a long lifespan, providing consistent performance for years.

Due to their versatility and advantages, multi-sport use short-pile artificial grass surfaces have become increasingly popular in sports facilities and recreational areas worldwide. They offer a reliable and cost-effective solution for accommodating multiple sports and ensuring consistent performance across different activities.

These Versatile and Durable Artificial Grass Sports Surfaces Can Bring Several Benefits to the Community

Creating multi-sport pitches can be an effective strategy to combat anti-social behavior in communities; accessible to a well-maintained spaces for physical activity and recreation, these facilities can encourage positive engagement among residents, especially young people.

County Councils can offer opportunities for various sports and physical activities, engaging in sports and exercise can divert people from engaging in anti-social behaviour and encourage a healthier lifestyle.

Also bring people together in a positive and inclusive environment while occupying free time, offering an alternative to engaging in negative behaviours.

Increased Recreational Opportunities: Multi-sport artificial grass fields provide a space for a wide range of sports and activities, allowing community members of all ages and skill levels to engage in recreational pursuits.

Whether it’s Soccer, GAA, or other sports, these surfaces offer a central location for sports enthusiasts to participate in their favourite activities.

Health and Fitness: Having access to multi-sport artificial grass amenities/courts encourages physical activity among community members. Regular exercise and sports participation can promote a healthier lifestyle, improve cardiovascular health, enhance coordination, and reduce the risk of obesity and related health issues.

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