Putting/Pitching Greens

Putting Greens

With your own, private artificial grass putting green, you will be able to practice your passion 365 days per year. Relax and unwind in your own backyard, without having to drive to and from the golf course. Whichever type of green you desire, the possibilities for laying synthetic golf greens are endless.

The size may range from a few meters to a complete golf hole on a professional course. Choose for a flat golf green or a green with a high degree of difficulty and relief. Golf artificial greens can be laid anywhere in or around the home, the garden or roof terrace. And with your own golf green at home you will not only improve your golfing technique

Pitching Greens

For larger private gardens, driving ranges and golf clubs, Royal Putting Greens install sand-infill pitching greens which are on “Level Par” with your local golf club.

Putting Greens For Home

As a golfing enthusiast, you know that your short game is more important than anything else. After all, over half your shots are done on and around the green. And if you have your own golf green at home, you will be able to practice all year round. The only time you won’t be able to practice is when your green is snow covered, unless of course you have it indoors. With your own private green you should be able to lower your handicap!

Golf at Work or as a Facility

Large corporations want to have facilities for their staff to relax and enjoy. Royal Putting Greens‘ expertise make us your ideal partner to design and implement a golf facility for your staff – in or outdoors. A series of putting greens, a ‘crazy golf’ or other game set-ups with our artificial grass. We have the experience and resources to transform any space into a fantastic golfing facility for you and your staff.

Golf Green Upgrades & Attractions

Expanding or upgrading practice facilities can attract more golfers. This may include a driving range with target greens, chipping areas, and putting greens where players can work on their skills.

Redesigning or enhancing bunkers can both challenge and be visually appeal to your course.

Converting Old Tennis Courts to Golf Greens

Converting old tennis courts into golf greens can be a great way to repurpose existing spaces and create new opportunities for golf enthusiasts. Consider adding features such as bunkers, chipping areas, or undulations to mimic the challenges and play-ability of a real golf course.